The $NFA token serves as the main currency in the NFA ecosystem. A deflationary mechanism will allow the token to flow back a Breeding future NFA NFT collection forth within the ecosystem to make it sustainable. The following is a list of some utilities. These are examples, and the list will grow as development continues.

Access to Rektland P2E game

Flexible Staking to earn $NFA tokens

Breeding upcoming NFA NFT collections

Purchase goods from NFA's online shop

Token Details

Launch Date - 14/08/2022
Launchpad - TBA
Total Supply - 20,000,000 $NFA
Blockchain Network - BSC


Out of 20,000,000 $NFA tokens, 25% will be used for in-game activities, leaderboard rewards, and stakes. The remaining 75% tokens will be used for initial liquidity, marketing, team, advisors, and buybacks.

Liquidity - 10%

Sale - 35%

Staking & in-game activities - 30%

Team - 10%

Advisors - 5%

Marketing/Development - 10%